What is BernieForms?

BernieForms is a tool that allows brokers to streamline the distribution, collection, and submission of Individual Medical Questionnaires (IMQs), which insurance carriers use to underwrite group health plans.

What am I going to like best about BernieForms?

When you use BernieForms, you will receive far fewer HR and employee complaints about the health questionnaire process than received using any other approach. Additionally, BernieForms will save you a lot of time and heartache throughout the entire health questionnaire process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I save time by using BernieForms?

Yes! BernieForms eliminates the issues that employees complain about, saving you time and energy.

Employees complain about IMQs for three main reasons:

  1. If they have to fill out more than one questionnaire, and you’re using paper, they will be unhappy about having to answer the same questions multiple times.
  2. It requires a separate login from wherever they elect their benefits.
  3. It mixes questions about benefits enrollment with health questions, which is confusing as some employees may think that they are being asked to enroll in benefits.

With BernieForms, no matter how many health questionnaires you include, employees will only receive one centralized form, so they do not have to answer the same question more than once.

Additionally, BernieForms offers single sign on with BerniePortal, meaning employees can use the same login information to access BernieForms.

BernieForms is a single-purpose product, designed solely for the purpose of collecting the health information requested on carrier health questionnaires. Benefits enrollment questions are not mixed with health questions.

What other benefits should I see?

Depending on what competitor system you’re using, you could also save a lot of money. BernieForms is $149 for every 1,000 employees collected upfront annually.

It might also help you win new business. With BernieForms, you can get quotes for a prospect that you otherwise would not have been able to because the prospect wouldn’t let you collect employee IMQs if you weren’t using BernieForms.

Finally, it may enhance your reputation as a tech-savvy broker with your current clients.

How can I buy BernieForms?

If you are currently a BerniePortal broker partner, just let your Advisor Success team member know that you are interested. If you are not currently utilizing BerniePortal, just fill out this form and a BernieForms representative will set up some time to chat about next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Where will people go to login to BernieForms?

They will go to and click “login” at the top right of the page.

Will every member of my brokerage team have admin access to BernieForms?

No. Only one member of your team will have admin access to BernieForms.

This is because our research indicates that brokerages designate the task of coordinating health questionnaires to a single person in their agency. If it turns out there is demand for multiple people to have admin access to BernieForms, we can evaluate that as a feature request.

Does BernieForms offer any sort of integration with BerniePortal other than single sign on for employees?

Yes. You can import all of the employees of your employer clients that you have in BerniePortal into BernieForms. Furthermore, every time you send employees a form request who were imported from BerniePortal, BernieForms will automatically update their information to reflect the most up-to-date information they have in BerniePortal.

How do I import an employer’s employees from BerniePortal into BernieForms?

You will use the API Key that is located in the employer’s BerniePortal account (Account > Integrations > BernieForms). Your agency name will be on one of the options listed and the API Key will appear when the toggle for your agency is turned on.

BernieForms will ask you for that API key when you click to import an employer from BerniePortal. Once you paste it in the field and submit, the employer will appear in your BernieForms list.

Why is my agency just one option in the BernieForms integration list for the employer to choose?

The employer decides who can access its data. If an employer wants to allow more than one broker to import its data into BernieForms, it can do so. In each employer’s profile, they have the ability to provide any agency with an API key to access their employee’s information.

Any brokerage that has been granted access to that employer’s information with the API key will appear under the BernieForms header in the Integrations section. This means that an employer could allow more than one brokerage to access its employees’ information for purposes of importing into BernieForms and collecting IMQs to run quotes.

When a form request is completed, will the employee’s IMQ automatically be sent from BernieForms to the carrier?

No. The brokerage has the ability, in BernieForms, to download health questionnaires completed by employees. It is then the brokerage’s responsibility to submit them to the carrier as appropriate.

How do I create my library of health questionnaires?

You upload a copy of each carrier health questionnaire into BernieForms.

Then, you map each questionnaire to indicate where the employee data should fall on it. The purpose of this is to create one centralized, master questionnaire for employees.

If the questionnaire has fields that are not standard fields in BernieForms, you’ll just create those fields, selecting whether there should be optional answers or an open ended text field, then map them.

If one of my custom fields is used on more than one questionnaire, do I have to create that field more than once?

No. It will carry over for each questionnaire.

Does BernieForms come preloaded with any health questionnaires?


Why not?There are hundreds of questionnaires and carriers often make exceptions to how the questionnaires need to be filled out for different brokers. The questionnaires also get updated all of the time. Meanwhile, it only takes between 30 and 90 minutes to map a questionnaire. In BernieForms, brokers can manage their own questionnaire library and control the experience.

Can I email my health questionnaires to someone at BernieForms or my Advisor Success BerniePortal team member to map them?

No. Advisor Success team members do not have BernieForms logins. They also cannot accept yours for compliance reasons. The only BernieForms support they’ll be able to provide you is answering questions – they will not be able to perform any tasks in BernieForms for you. But don’t worry – we have built BernieForms to be a simplified and straightforward product, so we are confident that you will not need additional support beyond Q&A.

How will I get support with my BernieForms account?

If you are currently a BerniePortal broker partner, you will maintain the same Advisor Success team member. If you are not a BerniePortal broker partner and are only licensing BernieForms, you will have access to BernieForms email support.

I notice that BernieForms has the concept of “rectangles” in the mapping process. What is that?

Rectangles cover up a portion of the health questionnaire with a white box and a message that indicates that the responses to that part of the questionnaire are appended at the end of the questionnaire.

There are two rectangles – one for dependent information and the other for details about health conditions. The information for both of these appended sections will be collected from the employee automatically throughout the process – you do not have to do anything additional or map anything beyond the rectangle box.

Can I use BernieForms to collect benefit elections?

No. BernieForms is designed to facilitate the completion of health questionnaires, not benefit elections.

Sometimes insurance companies have one form for both health questionnaires and election forms. What do I do in this circumstance?

We see multiple use cases where what you’ll do would vary:

  1. Prospect: you’re getting the health questionnaire completed by employees of an employer prospect. In this situation, it would not be appropriate to be submitting benefit elections to the carrier anyway.
  2. Quoting for a client: you’re getting the health questionnaire completed by employees of a client, but just for some options to present at renewal meetings. You don’t know that the client is going to move to the carrier. Again, it would not be appropriate to be submitting benefit elections to the carrier anyway.
  3. New hire at a client: you’re getting the health questionnaire completed by a new hire of a client. Here, you do need to submit the employee’s benefit elections to the carrier. One option, if the carrier will accept it and it is otherwise appropriate, would be to submit the employee’s BerniePortal election sheet along with the questionnaire.

Often, the “one form” from the carrier often causes confusion because it asks employees which coverage tier they are electing, but the employee doesn’t know what is being offered yet. Can I re-word that question when I map the questionnaire to ask what coverage tier the employee thinks is most likely that they will elect?

Absolutely. This would be an example of something you would want to discuss with the carrier. BernieForms does not control how you create and map questions.

Will employee responses to IMQs be saved from year-to-year?

Yes! Additionally, employees will be able to access copies of health questionnaires that they’ve used BernieForms to help complete in the past.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

Yes. We strongly believe that if you’ve signed a 12 month contract, you’re more likely to go ahead and learn why BernieForms works the way it does. After a while, we think you’ll love it and would never want to go back to what you were doing before anyways! That’s why we don’t offer a free trial or month-to-month agreement, instead billing will be an annual upfront charge.

If I have BerniePortal, will BernieForms appear on the same invoice as BerniePortal? Or will I be getting two invoices?

If you are a BerniePortal broker partner, you will be receiving one invoice from for BerniePortal and one for BernieForms. We expect some of our partners would like to receive just one invoice from us, and we’ll work on being able to do that in the future.

Can I send reminders through the system to employees who haven’t completed a form request?


Can the employer send reminders to employees who haven’t completed a form request?

No. Employers do not have a login to BernieForms. Only the brokerage and employees have logins to BernieForms. From our experience, HR does not want any part of the health questionnaire process.

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